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    Seventh in our series of reprints of Cde Stan Phipps’ articles on the struggle for a Labor Party in the United States. For advocates of a class-based political realignment in the United States, the most disorienting challenge to the Democrats’ and Republicans’ two-party political-monopoly is Robert LaFollette’s 1924 so-called “Progressive Party” campaign. A common misconception holds that this constituted the high-water mark in the attempt to create a genuine [...]
  • Carlos Urzúa Presents the Economic Plan of AMLO (in case he should win) (reprinted from Forbes magazine — Mexico edition — on April 16, 2018) In the April 16, 2018, issue of Forbes magazine (Mexico edition), whose motto is “The Capitalist Tool,” AMLO’s appointed Secretary of the Treasury of Mexico, Carlos Manuel Urzúa Macías, detailed the economic program of the future president. He introduced the plan as follows: “We would like to make all the foreign and domestic investment [...]
  • AMLO presidente: un tsunami de 32 millones de votos golpeó al régimen Es necesaria la organización activa y actuante para imponer el mandato del 1 de julio, Construyamos Comités Unitarios para imponer las demandas del pueblo trabajador. Declaración de los militantes mexicanos del Comité de Organización por la Reconstitución de la Cuarta Internacional (CORCI) Andrés Manuel López Obrador ha obtenido más del 53% de la votación, generando una gran hecatombe en el caduco régimen [...]